Published: 2021-09-23 12:52 pm
"Celebrity candidates" and the challenges fame brings to the campaign trail.

Central Tennessee braces for more weather misery after weekend flooding killed 7 people and caused widespread damage - 7 months ago
After enduring widespread flooding -- that killed seven people, knocked out power to thousands and damaged homes and businesses -- Central Tennessee is bracing for more potentially devastating rainfall.
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Eight foods that can be stored for years - 4 years ago
The news that, after 106 years, Captain Scott's fruitcake was found by the Antarctic Heritage Trust and"smelled edible", raises the question: are there other foods that have similar staying power? The answer is, yes, several.
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Georgia Republicans inch closer to a takeover of elections in state's largest county - 3 months ago
Republican lawmakers in Georgia are requesting that the state undertake a performance review of local election officials in Fulton County -- a move that could result in a GOP takeover of election operations in a heavily Democratic region of this
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Listeria outbreak infects 175 people - 2 years ago
Spain's health ministry has issued an international health warning over a listeria outbreak that has infected 175 people.
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