Two seals and a sea lion were evacuated from a rescue facility due to a wildfire threat and are now being cared for at the Marine Mammal Care Center in Southern California.
Published: 2021-10-13 09:37 pm
WATCH:  Seals evacuated from rescue facility due to wildfire

Putin names Lavrov, Shoigu to United Russia elections list - 4 months ago
Russian President Vladimir Putin says his foreign minister and his defense minister will head the candidates' list for the dominant United Russia party in September's parliamentary election
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The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store - 1 month ago
Apple-Apps-Top-10 for week ending 9/5/2021
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California tree trimmer charged in deadly throat-slashings - 5 months ago
A tree trimmer has been charged in throat-slashings that left 3 dead.
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Thailand reduces quarantine, paperwork for vaccinated - 7 months ago
Thailand has begun halving the quarantine time for vaccinated visitors as a first step to allowing inoculated people into the country without the need to isolate
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