A school district superintendent in North Texas apologized after one of the district's administrators told teachers that if they have books about the Holocaust in their classroom libraries, then they should also include books that have "opposing" views of
Published: 2021-10-16 09:41 am
Teachers told to include books with 'opposing' views of Holocaust

Los Angeles Police Department investigating altercation at restaurant as possible anti-Semitic hate crime

www.cnn.com - 6 months ago
The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is investigating as a hate crime an altercation Tuesday night near Hollywood where witness reports said Jewish people dining at a restaurant were targeted by a group of pro-Palestinian men driving past in vehicles.
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Gigi Bryant always wanted to be a UConn Husky. Now, she'll be one forever

www.cnn.com - 2 years ago
It was well known that Mambacita wanted to be a University of Connecticut Husky, and on Monday she became an honorary member of the most decorated team in women's college basketball.
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Curious koala sneaks into home and climbs Christmas tree

www.cnn.com - 12 months ago
Picture a Christmas tree and you'll probably think of baubles, tinsel and fairy lights, but one Australian woman came home to find an unusual adornment: A koala bear.
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Flying cars could save us from climate change

www.cnn.com - 3 years ago
Maybe the Jetsons were climate change activists?
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