Native American and environmental activists protested outside the White House on Monday, demanding the government take greater action on climate change. This demonstration comes 50 years after the end of another protest led by Native Americans, on the sit
Published: 2021-10-16 10:46 am
A look back at the takeover of Alcatraz Island

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Sen. Franken resigns amid sexual misconduct allegations - 7 months ago
Sen. Al Franken bowed to pressure Thursday and resigned amid growing pressure after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. He did not, however, bow to his accusers. Nancy Cordes reports.
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iPad exclusive: Behind the scenes with "48 Hours" composer Richard Fiocca - 9 months ago
Richard Fiocca collaborates with the Boston-based handbell choir "The Back Bay Ringers" to create a score of music to be used throughout "The Last Confession". Get an inside look at the day of the performance.
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Martin Shkreli not the first to hike drug prices - 8 months ago
Infamous pharma ex-CEO Martin Shkreli is known for hiking of drug prices. However, he wasn't the first. Why is it such a shock now? Financial Times senior business correspondent Michael Crow joins CBSN to discuss.
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Charlie Chang, Tabasco’s secret weapon - 9 months ago
Tony Simmons, McIlhenny Company CEO, tells Sanjay Gupta how a talented food scientist named Charlie Chang creates new flavors of Tabasco, one of the most iconic brands in the world.
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