From the "War on Christmas" to the "War on Hot Dogs," the Fox News troops must be exhausted.
Published: 2021-10-20 04:42 am
Scathing Supercut Video Exposes Fox News’ Endless Obsession With Phony Wars

It’s not just the fake “War on Christmas” anymore.

Fox News is fighting nonexistent wars on roughly four dozen fronts, from the holidays to hot dogs, according to a new supercut video from The Recount:

Fox News has for years turned a so-called War on Christmas into a key narrative to rile up viewers, with tales of perceived slights toward the holiday and attempts at increased inclusivity blown out of proportion and treated as hostile acts.

In reality, there is no “War on Christmas.” But as the Recount’s video shows, that hasn’t stopped Fox News from deploying that same strategy on dozens of other topics.

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