Six members of Niger’s national guard have been killed and several others were injured and are missing after an armed attack on a convoy in the country’s western Tillaberi region
Published: 2021-10-21 09:36 am

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Trump gives incomplete border wall update, misstates Biden's immigration plan - 1 year ago
President Donald Trump made several claims about U.S. immigration policy during his Republican National Convention speech Thursday night.
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GOP torn over Trump's Electoral College challenge of Biden - 11 months ago
President Donald Trump’s extraordinary election challenge over his defeat by President-elect Joe Biden is splitting the Republican Party
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A decade after junta's end, Myanmar military back in charge - 10 months ago
The man installed by army leaders as Myanmar's new president after Monday's military coup is best known abroad for his role in the crackdown on 2007 pro-democracy protests
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Algeria protesters at crossroads as Islamists take spotlight - 8 months ago
Algeria’s pro-democracy movement is at a crossroads two years after it ousted the country’s long-serving leader
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