Stock up on a Sam's Club membership for all your stock-ups.
Published: 2021-11-25 06:15 am
Get a Sam’s Club membership plus a $10 gift card for only $19.99 now

Forget Disney World — Sam’s Club might just be the happiest place on planet Earth.

In case you aren’t familiar with this fantasyland, here’s a little refresher. Sam’s Club is a membership warehouse club with a limited-item business model, meaning that members get quality products and at unbelievable value that is unmatched by almost all traditional retail stores out there. If you’re looking to save a little cash where you can, Sam’s Club is the perfect shop for quality products in bulk.

If you’re already a Sam’s Club super fan, congrats. No matter if you’re a seasoned Sam’s Fan or are just looking to save a little money while still getting the great quality of groceries you love, we’ve got quite the deal for you. Right now, as part of our Black Friday sale, for a limited time, you can get a Sam’s Club Membership for only $19.99 + a free rotisserie chicken & cupcakes! Yes, you read that right. A whole entire year of budget-friendly groceries and mouth-watering grub is up for grabs right now.

Sam’s Club Membership, $19.99 plus $10 Sam’s Club E-Gift Card

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When you make your first momentous in-club purchase, you’ll get your free seasoned rotisserie chicken (a $4.98 value) and an 8-count of gourmet cupcakes (a $7.98 value) when you have these items in your cart as checkout. To participate in this deal, you must be a brand new Sam’s Club member.

When you make this little investment, you’ll also get a complimentary household card for even more savings on low-priced items. This way, you can go into the holiday season with the joy of knowing that your budgeting goals are within reach, without having to sacrifice the quality of your goods for you and your family.

Right now, for Black Friday, you can grab a Sam’s Club Membership for only $19.99, plus a free rotisserie chicken & cupcakes. Yes, that’s 65% off the regular price.

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