Chris and Kelsey Waits describe the the ugliness that followed Kelsey's unsuccessful race to be re-elected as chair of her school board in Hastings, Minnesota.
Published: 2021-11-29 06:28 pm
Parents upset over mask mandates attack school board chair's child online

Two former Trump officials to be investigated for posting papers denying climate change - 1 year ago
The Commerce Department's Office of Inspector General said it will investigate how two former Trump officials posted dubious papers questioning man-made climate change using government logos but without the approval of the Trump administration.
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China's factories are still struggling with the energy crunch and supply woes - 3 months ago
China's big factories just had their worst month since the Covid-19 pandemic began, underscoring the scale of the slowdown in the world's second largest economy and the supply challenges facing their customers.
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Opinion: Trump's approach to Iran is muddled and unpredictable - 2 years ago
Early Tuesday, pro-Iranian Iraqi militia members and demonstrators stormed the US Embassy compound in Baghdad after the Trump administration's airstrikes on a Iranian-backed militia on Sunday. The embassy attack, perhaps the worst crisis between Iraq and
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