Sure, watches, cashmere sweaters and winter coats all make wonderful holiday gifts, but if you’re the gift-giver who offers a plate of fresh cookies, you’re golden. Though an easy-to-make dessert that’s delectable straight out of the oven, cookies are a
Published: 2021-12-03 10:29 am
The 10 best places to order cookies online for National Cookie Day

Sure, watches, cashmere sweaters and winter coats all make wonderful holiday gifts, but if you’re the gift-giver who offers a plate of fresh cookies, you’re golden.

Though an easy-to-make dessert that’s delectable straight out of the oven, cookies are a sweet treat that sometimes can’t always be shared with your loved ones in person. So, we researched some of the best cookie delivery services to order from online, whether you’re in the mood for classic chocolate chip, premium black and white cookies or sensational confetti, among dozens of other options.

And, if you’re prepping for your New Year’s fitness resolution early or have dietary restrictions, don’t fear the desserts — we have some healthier options, too, including cookie boxes that are keto-friendly, gluten-free and vegan.

Find the 10 best places to order cookies online below. Despite our excitement for the holidays, these offerings are perfect for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and all celebrations — because cookies just make everything better.

Milk Bar

Milk Bar / LinkedIn

Milk Bar has been “shaking up the dessert scene” for more than a decade with its sweet orders of cakes, pies, cake truffles and more. For its cookies, the brand offers assorted cookie tins starting at $22, with flavor options ranging from chocolate chip marshmallow to chocolate confetti.

Plus, Milk Bar has a “gifts under $50” shop where you can browse all mouth-watering indulgences for your next gift.

Mrs. Fields


All hail the queen of chocolate chip: Mrs. Fields. Whether you’re eyeing the chunky classic desserts from inside your shopping mall or scrolling through all its festive and traditional packages online, you can’t go wrong with gifting from this classic concierge.

Aside from its bite-sized Nibblers Signature Tin, Mrs. Fields also has delivery options for personalized cookie cakes, a Birthday Bites Box (which includes 24 Nibblers, 18 Brownie Bites and two frosted cookies), gourmet cookie towers and a whole buffet of more. 

If you have something specific in mind, Mrs. Fields allows you to create your own custom gift basket and tin with its variety of yummy treats, too.



I was recently gifted a SugarWish cookie box and was super impressed by the quality. For one, all of the cookies are individually wrapped with the flavors conveniently on the back. And, the best part — the cookies were chunky, melt-in-your-mouth heaven.

SugarWish offers a wonderful range of cookie boxes, from mini boxes of up to two flavors for $22 to extra-large boxes of up to 12 flavors for $77. And, let’s skip to the ooey-gooey — the brand offers stuffed cookies, including red velvet; peanut butter and nutella; and chocolate caramel pretzel, among other delicious options.

If you’re looking for keto and gluten-free, SugarWish offers chocolate pecan, chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, peanut butter, oatmeal chocolate chip and double chocolate flavors — impressive selection, even more impressive taste.

William Greenberg Desserts


If you’re a fan of the classic black and white cookies, look no further than William Greenberg Desserts. Available on Goldbelly — spoiler alert: another favorite cookie delivery — the bakery has been adored since 1946 and voted “Best of New York.”

At William Greenberg, you can select mini gluten-free black and white cookies or the fan-favorite giant black and white cookies. Plus, other selections like rainbow cookies and even blue and white cookies or pink and white are available (which are optimal for gender reveal bashes).



Cheryl’s is the quintessential cookie gift-and-send service that freshly bakes buttercream cookies, gourmet unfrosted and even cookie dough and decorating kits.

Plus, if you’re looking for Kosher, sugar-free and gluten-free options (some boxes including brownies, too), Cheryl’s has both traditional gift baskets and seasonal ones to choose from.

Dylan’s Candy Bar


Contrary to popular belief, Dylan’s Candy Bar isn’t limited to sour candy and sweet individually packaged bites. Notably, the sweet shop has assorted Belgian chocolate-dipped sandwich cookies, milk chocolate sandwich cookies and more.

And, if you’re interested in corporate gifting, Dylan’s Candy Bar allows you to include a personalized logo with its goodies.



For baked goods, Mouth is wonderful to turn to for all things cookie delivery. From uniquely delectable raspberry and hibiscus marshmallow cookies to holiday-minded raspberry cave cookies, Mouth has affordable options that make lovely gifts for any occasion. 

David’s Cookies


If you’re a fan of QVC, you’ve likely heard of David’s Cookies once or twice. Best known for its cookie bundles — especially with holiday gifting — you can take a bite out of its fresh-baked assorted cookies tin, signature cookie brownie assortment and fresh-baked rainbow candy cookies, among plenty of others. 

If you’re searching for gluten-free or dietary restriction-minded boxes, David’s Cookies offers a dairy-free chocolate chip cookie and brownie combo for $34.95 and sugar-free chocolate chip cookies for $36.95, most notably.

Levain Bakery


This cookie delivery guide would be incomplete without a mention of Levain Bakery. Truth be told, any time I’m in NYC, Levain is always a priority — even if it requires a subway trip.

With the chunkiest, ooziest and dreamiest cookies, Levain Bakery has tasty chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chip cookies and more. Seriously, too good; I made copycat Levain Bakery cookies and they reminded me just how much I had to order from the bakery itself.



Goldbelly doesn’t just deliver cookies. It’s your go-to hub for hot bagels and thick-crust pizza, too.

But, back to cookies. Goldbelly offers hundreds of bakeries to deliver from, including Jacques’ Torres Chocolate, The Baked Bear, Big Fat Cookie and more.

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