A giraffe takes its first wobbly steps within an hour of being born at California’s Santa Barbara Zoo.
Published: 2022-01-24 07:49 pm
WATCH:  Baby giraffe takes first steps at Santa Barbara Zoo

Death toll reaches 26 in quake that hit Turkey, Greek island

abcnews.go.com - 2 years ago
Rescue teams have plowed through concrete blocs and debris of eight collapsed buildings in search of survivors of a powerful earthquake that struck Turkey’s Aegean coast and north of the Greek island of Samos, killing at least 26 people
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Dubai developer Union Properties says $42M 'misappropriated'

abcnews.go.com - 2 months ago
A troubled Dubai real estate developer says it suspected $42 million had been “misappropriated” by the company’s former officials while declaring it massively overvalued its holdings
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Hot spring forecast: Drought deepens in West, flooding ebbs

abcnews.go.com - 2 months ago
U.S. government forecasters see a hot spring for much of the nation with drought in the West likely deepening
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'People want us to get things done,' Biden says in response to election losses

abcnews.go.com - 6 months ago
President Joe Biden Wednesday reiterated calls to his own party to move hastily on his legislative agenda following a punishing election night for Democrats.
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