You never know who’s listening next door. A cute cat in Bangkok, Thailand, was filmed spying on the neighbors having a heated argument. For more funny felines, watch this cat use a toilet — and forgetting to flush.
Published: 2022-01-27 02:50 pm
Nosy cat eavesdrops on neighbors arguing
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Sputnik V, Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine, is 91 percent effective: study - 1 year ago
Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V is about 91 percent effective and appears to prevent serious cases of infection, according to a study published Tuesday. The results in the British medical journal The Lancet are from a Phase 3 trial of about 20,000
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FDA says eating cicadas could be dangerous if you have a seafood allergy - 12 months ago
The FDA took to Twitter Wednesday to warn that people with seafood allergies shouldn't try the buzzy dish.
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Versatile Alec Burks back to give Knicks punch off the bench - 7 months ago
Alec Burks is back as part of the Knicks' strong second unit, a re-signing coach Tom Thibodeau called "huge."
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Halle Berry sued by MMA fighter Cat Zingano over ‘Bruised’ role - 9 months ago
Halle Berry's taking a hit from a seasoned MMA fighter — but it's a lawsuit.
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