Published: 2022-05-17 10:02 am
Revenge of the nerds? How wearing glasses became cool

Harry Makes a Spectacle of Himself
Margins of Error
More and more of us are in need of glasses these days and luckily, there is now a much more positive perception of people with “four eyes.” However, it wasn’t always that way. So where did the stereotypes come from and is there a chance that people who wear glasses are smarter than those who don’t. Harry also discovers why eyewear has become defense attorneys’ favorite accessories for clients in the courtroom.

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'Once-in-a-decade talent': Why Eileen Gu is fashion's dream model - 4 months ago
For followers of freestyle skiing and fashion alike, the buzz surrounding Winter Olympian Eileen Gu at this year's Games has come as little surprise.
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Parents demand school pull controversial comic book - 7 months ago
Parents expressed their frustrations over a controversial sexually explicit book during a school meeting. The comic book initially discovered in a Dallas high school database has created a heated debate among parents and the school board. CNN affiliate
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Ex-wife of Missouri GOP Senate candidate alleges he physically abused her and their children - 3 months ago
The ex-wife of leading GOP Senate candidate and former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens alleged he was physically abusive toward his children and her, according to court documents filed Monday.
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Van Jones: This is a make or break issue for Democrats - 1 year ago
CNN's Van Jones underscores the importance of the minimum wage fight for Democrats as President Joe Biden's proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour through his Covid-19 relief package faces pushback.
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