"I had never seen anything like it and the patient had no recollection of swallowing it," said Dr. Benjamin Schmidt.
Author: Ben Cost
Published: 2022-05-20 11:56 am
Doc shocked to find money up patient’s butt: ‘FDR’s face staring at me!’

A Missouri doctor redefined bumming money after finding a dime impossibly lodged “way up” a patient’s bottom during a rectal exam.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Benjamin Schmidt’s TikTok clip detailing the mishap was first posted in the fall — but has now amassed 1.2 million views as gawkers wonder how the coin was deposited in his patient’s caboose.

“I had never seen anything like it and the patient had no recollection of swallowing it,” said Schmidt, 34, of the man’s inadvertent backdoor banking. “Videos about objects found in patients’ rectums certainly trigger a lot of shock — but I think this video did particularly well due to the level of mystery.”

The St. Louis-based physician — known as @docschmidt on TikTok — frequently shares videos of his wacky medical experiences for his nearly 440,000 followers on the platform.

However, Schmidt said nothing compared to seeing “FDR’s face staring back at me!” while conducting a colonoscopy on a patient with a history of colon cancer.

“I had never seen anything like it,” said gastroenterologist Benjamin Schmidt.

‘This wasn’t found in the rectum, it was found in a part of the colon that couldn’t be easily reached so we really don’t know how the dime got there!’

Dr. Benjamin Schmidt

“He needed a routine followup procedure to make sure the cancer hadn’t come back,” the gastrointestinal expert described in the clip, cleverly captioned “that’s just my ten cents.”

Fortunately, the patient appeared to be cancer-free. However, Schmidt grew alarmed after spotting something silver in the man’s cecum, the furthest part of the colon from the anus.

The astonished doctor added, “So I sprayed the area with water, and I find a dime.” The medical practitioner was especially flummoxed by the find as the human juke box claimed “he’d never swallowed a dime before.”

In others words, it’s unclear whether he put his money where his mouth is.

The case didn’t seem to make any cents, er, sense as the human piggy bank claimed “he’d never swallowed a dime before.”

It was equally unlikely that the poor soul put the bit in his butt given that it was found a whopping 5 feet from the anus, per the clip.

“We really don’t know how the dime got there!” Schmidt exclaimed.

Fortunately, Schmidt was able to relieve the man of his spare change using a “net tool,” per the video. After the patient awoke from the anesthesia, the GI gave him the dime as a souvenir and sent him on his way.

The coin was found in the cecum, the furthest part of the colon from the anus.

Needless to say, the TikTok commentariat had a field day with the patient’s money troubles.

“He swallowed a penny a few years ago and ya know . . . inflation,” quipped one jokester, while another wrote, “Maybe he swallowed a quarter and was making change.”

“Am I the only one who wants to know what year it was from?” wondered one viewer.

One paranoid poster commented, “I swallowed a nickel as a kid and I was never worried about it . . . UNTIL NOW.”

In retrospect, Schmidt is glad he was able to share the insane saga with his followers. The TikDoc said, “This video was hugely popular, I think many videos of unusual medical cases and findings do well because of the natural curiosity of humans.”

TikTok had a field day with the patient’s money troubles with one wit writing, “He swallowed a penny a few years ago and ya know . . . inflation.”

Schmidt recalled another hilarious discovery that he made while “examining a patient’s penis due to reports of painful urination.”

“What I first thought was a concerning black spot was actually a distorted scorpion tattoo he had gotten years earlier,” Schmidt said. “Ultimately, I love to educate and being able to make a lasting impact on people, sometimes in a completely different country, is amazing.”

This isn’t the first time someone has gotten a strange item stuck in an unlikely place. In March, doctors diagnosed a Tunisian woman with a urinary tract infection, only to discover that she had a shot glass lodged in her bladder. She had reportedly used the drinking vessel as a sex toy four years ago and didn’t get it checked out until much later.

After removing the dime, Dr. Schmidt gave it to the patient as a souvenir of his colonoscopy.
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