We've had it grilled into us since we were kids to never leave the house when the oven is on... pardon the pun.
Author: The Sun
Published: 2022-05-24 02:57 pm
Man offers laundry warning after his washing machine fills with smoke

We’ve had it grilled into us since we were kids to never leave the house when the oven is on… pardon the pun.

But as for the washing machine? Well, we’re forever putting loads of laundry on and then nipping out to do other chores.

However, that’ll now be a thing of the past thanks to this terrifying TikTok warning.

Earlier this week, TikToker Alan Johnson was stunned to walk into the kitchen and find his washing machine billowing with smoke.

He wrote: “How many times do we leave the washing machine on unattended?

“This happened today and luckily we [were] home or it would have caught fire.”

In the comments, Alan explained how he heard a loud bang followed by a burning smell.

He unplugged the washing machine in the last minute of the cycle and kept it turned off – which fortunately stopped it catching fire.

He captioned the clip: “If we wasn’t home when this happened it would of surely caught fire…”

According to the washing machine experts at In The Wash, there are several reasons why the appliances can catch fire – including a blocked drain pipe, damaged electrical chords and a motor malfunction.

Comments on the TikTok blew up, calling the moment a “new fear.”

“Excessive vibration can lead to the electrical components short circuiting, which will inevitably start a fire.”

As it’s hard to spot these issues before the machine catches fire, the experts recommend always being home when you have a load of washing on.

Unsurprisingly, the clip left viewers stunned and many were grateful for the warning.

Alan Johnson was shocked to walk into the kitchen and find his washing machine billowing with smoke.

One replied: “Omg I do this all the time put a wash in go to work come back at lunch put in dryer then put another load on.

“Won’t be doing that anymore!”

Another added: “New fear unlocked!”

Speaking from experience, a third said: “My aunt’s caught fire but they were just planning to leave the house so nothing terrible happened. I don’t leave appliances unattended.”

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