Andrew Benintendi will make his return to Fenway Park on Friday, his first game as a visiting player since being traded by Boston before last season.
Author: Dan Martin
Published: 2022-08-11 10:50 pm
Yankees’ Andrew Benintendi sure return to Boston will be ‘interesting’

BOSTON — Andrew Benintendi will make his return to Fenway Park on Friday, his first game as a visiting player since being traded by the Red Sox before last season.

He missed the Royals’ series there last season since he was out with a rib injury and Kansas City didn’t play there this season before Benintendi was traded to the Yankees last month.

“I’m sure it will be interesting, but I can’t worry about it,’’ Benintendi said of going back to the place he called home after making his MLB debut with the Red Sox in 2016 and where he won a World Series title in 2018.

“I’m just gonna show up and play baseball to help us win,’’ Benintendi said.

He’s unsure of what to expect from the fans, but he is accustomed to the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, having spent five seasons in the middle of it.

“It’s gonna be fun,’’ Benintendi said. “I haven’t been there since 2020 and that rivalry always creates a stir, no matter what.”

Andrew Benintendi

In this case, “no matter what” is the fact that the Red Sox are in the midst of a disappointing season and are in last place in the AL East.

“Usually, we’re neck and neck when we’re playing those games, but they’re still gonna be into it,’’ Benintendi said.

When he played at Yankee Stadium with the Red Sox, Benintendi said it was easy for fans to get on him in left field, given their proximity to the field.

That’s not the case at Fenway, where the closest fans are on top of the Green Monster.

“They’re right on top of you in New York, which can be tough, but I liked it when I’d go there as a visiting player,’’ Benintendi said. “They’re so much higher because of the wall in left in Boston, but I’m sure I’ll hear something.”

He’s yet to find his groove with the Yankees, but has been better of late.

After getting off to a 1-for-23 start — with just an infield single — Benintendi is 6-for-20 with four doubles, a walk and five strikeouts in his last six games.

The Yankees acquired Benintendi in part because he was the anti-Joey Gallo, making more contact and comfortable playing in a big market.

“Having played in Boston and understanding what that’s all about has definitely helped,’’ Benintendi said. “I have high expectations for myself and the team if I’m in Kansas City, New York or Boston. Why else would you play? But I think having been through the ups and downs around here before is good.”

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