It seems hard to improve on watermelon's perfection, yet there's a way to do just that.
Author: Fox News
Published: 2022-08-19 10:46 am
If you’re not salting your watermelon, you’re eating it wrong

Watermelon: It’s the quintessential summer fruit of backyard barbeques and pool parties. 

It seems hard to improve on watermelon’s perfection, yet there’s a way to do just that. 

Just add a pinch of salt. 

“Salt on watermelon is a big deal in the South,” said executive chef John Carpenter of Signature Restaurant at La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio, Texas. 

“The salt counteracts the bitter qualities watermelon has and accentuates the sweetness,” he told Fox News Digital. 

“Salt activates the salivary glands, which in turn will also make the watermelon seem juicier than it already is.”

Carpenter recommends a big, flaky salt like Maldon, kosher or Himalayan as an accompaniment to watermelon. 

On its menu, his restaurant features a Tuna Crudo dish served with compressed watermelon and finished with a touch of Maldon salt.  

Chef Isaac “Izzo” Walker called putting salt on watermelon a “low-key life hack.”

“Salt is not a seasoning or seasoner — it is an enhancer, meaning it only brings out the flavor of your food that exists already,” Walker told Fox News Digital.

Adding something salty to something sweet, like watermelon, is like a “dance party for your taste buds,” he said. 

Salted watermelon counteracts the bitter qualities that watermelon has and accentuates the sweetness, according to executive chef John Carpenter.
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