Much like the rest of the internet Monday, Paige Spiranac was also exposed to golfer Greg Norman's bulging beach shot.
Published: 2020-11-24 03:07 pm
Paige Spiranac dubs Greg Norman ‘hammerhead shark’ after bulging beach photo

Much like the rest of the internet Monday, Paige Spiranac was also exposed to golfer Greg Norman’s bulging beach shot.

Taking to Twitter, Spiranac re-shared Norman’s viral photograph and gave the 65-year-old Aussie a new nickname.

Paige Spiranac and Greg NormanInstagram

“Greg ‘the shark’ Norman. More like hammerhead shark,” she tweeted Monday night, updating his “The Great White Shark” moniker.

In addition to Spiranac, social media had much to say about Norman’s seemingly innocent post that highlighted his assets.

“A man and his anaconda,” one Instagram follower commented.

“THE GREAT WHITE SHAFT!!” another posted.

Spiranac, who hosts the “Playing A Round” podcast, offered cheeky commentary earlier this month about Bryson DeChambeau’s humbling Masters outing.

“Lesson learned from Bryson this week guys. It’s not how long your shaft is but how you use it,” Spiranac replied to one follower who tweeted, “Its that 48 inch driver he uses.”

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