After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August, 2021, one family who owns several Afghan restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area decided to take action. Owners Omar and Sofia Masroor put their two oldest daughters in charge of two of their
Published: 2022-11-24 09:18 am
Afghan family puts daughters in charge of restaurants to send message to women worldwide

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Americans in Europe benefit from strongest dollar in 20 years - 5 months ago
The throngs of American tourists in Europe will benefit from the dollar's near parity with the euro this summer.
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New Orleans doctor on COVID-19 and Hurricane Ida's impact on hospitals - 1 year ago
Ida struck Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane as hospitals and intensive care units in the state remain filled with coronavirus patients. Dr. Toni Gross, chief of the emergency department at Children's Hospital New Orleans, joined CBSN to discuss the
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Iran releases 10 detained U.S. sailors - 2 years ago
Iran's Revolutionary Guard has released the 10 U.S. Navy sailors it took into custody in the Persian Gulf. Institute for the Study of War Senior Naval Analyst Chris Harmer has analysis for CBSN.
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Bodegas: Living the American Dream - 2 years ago
Bodega is the Spanish word for a small neighborhood store, but in New York City, it's a small store that plays a very large role in the community. Maria Hinojosa of NPR visits a few of the 10,000 family-run businesses that dot the city. (Originally
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