The viral moment has been described as "peak comedy."
Published: 2022-11-25 03:30 am
Game Show Contestant’s Conspiracy Theory Is Hilariously Undone With Her Answer

A game show contestant’s belief that the moon landing was a hoax was hilariously called into question on the Australian version of “The Chase.”

A player called Laura told host Larry Emdur that she loves aliens and “anything to do with space and all that kind of thing” in an episode that aired last month and is still going viral on Reddit where it’s been praised as “peak comedy.”

Emdur asked Laura if she believed that man has walked on the moon. She said she didn’t. When pressed, she said she thought it “was a conspiracy.”

The presenter later asked the question: “The first person to set foot on the moon was U.S. astronaut Neil who?”

“Armstrong,” she replied, completely contradicting her previous statement.

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