Detectives spoke with both men who told them they were trying to meet women at the business.
Published: 2022-12-05 08:36 pm
Police detail possible ‘stalker reference’ made by slain University of Idaho student Kaylee Goncalves

Idaho police Monday publicly cleared as suspects two men involved in a “stalker reference” that may have been made by slain University of Idaho student Kaylee Goncalves.

The city of Moscow Police Department revealed that investigators identified an incident at a local business in mid-October “which may have been the stalker reference (Goncalves) made to friends and family.” Two men were seen inside the unnamed business and as they parted ways, one of them appeared to follow Goncalves after she left to go to her car, police said.

But “the male turned away, and it does not appear he made any contact with her,” police said in a Monday news release.

Detectives contacted both men who told them they were trying to meet women at the business. Their story was corroborated through further probing, police said.

“Based on the available information, detectives believe this was an isolated incident and not an ongoing pattern of stalking,” Moscow police said.

“No evidence suggests the two males were involved in the murders.”

Moscow police provided an update about an incident that victim Kaylee Goncalves might have referenced to family and friends.
Kaylee Goncalves/Instagram

But authorities said they would continue to probe whether or not Goncalves did have a stalker as they again pleaded with the public for any information into the murders of her and three other University of Idaho students.

A week after the slayings, police said that investigators were aware of reports that Goncalves had a stalker, but were not able to verify or identify a stalker after going through “hundreds of pieces of information.”

So far, detectives have received an extraordinary 2,645 emailed tips, 2,770 phone tips and more than 1,000 digital submissions as the killer or killers of Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin remain on the loose. The horrifying Nov. 13 discovery of the four stabbed bodies has rocked the small college town.

An HVAC technician contractor made a service call to an off-campus home where four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death on Monday, December 5.
James Keivom

Cops also made clear that Goncalves’ dog, found inside the off-campus house where the quadruple homicide occurred, had no evidence on it. The pet was located in a room where the crimes were not committed, police said, and there was no indication that the pup entered the crime scene.

“While the dog was in the house when officers arrived,” Moscow police said. “it has not been determined where the dog was physically located when the murders took place.”

Detectives are still seeking information on what occurred between 9 p.m. on Saturday Nov. 12 until about 1:45 a.m. the next morning in connection to Chapin and Kernodle who police believed were at the Sigma Chi frat house on campus.

A sign for Kaylee Goncalves, one of four University of Idaho students found killed in their residence on November 13.

The FBI and state police are also involved in the high-profile homicide probe as frustration from the victims’ families grows. Moscow police slammed speculation for “stoking community fears and spreading false information.”

“Law enforcement has not released additional facts to the family or the public,” Moscow police said, pointing to the ongoing probe. “We recognize the frustration this causes and that speculation proliferates in the absence of facts.

“However, we firmly believe speculation and unvetted information is a disservice to the victims, their families, and our community.”

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