From octopuses to groundhogs, animal oracles are nothing new. That’s why sports fans should take these World Cup-predicting meerkats with a grain of salt. See how the hungry zoo animals at UK’s Drusillas Park pick the winner for Saturday’s quarter final
Published: 2022-12-09 10:45 am
Meerkats predict UK-France World Cup winner
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Officials explored ‘heat ray’ device to clear DC’s Lafayette Square: whistleblower - 2 years ago
Defense officials explored the use of “heat rays” and other extreme crowd-control tools hours before violently clearing out protesters from Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., this June, a whistleblower told The Washington Post. The federal forces had
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We live 9,000 miles apart and only met twice — but we’re engaged - 3 days ago
"The biggest thing is trusting each other, especially when you're far away from each other," Sarah Dorough confessed.
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Rare ‘Christmas star’ to light up sky for winter solstice - 2 years ago
Star of wonder, star of night. As Christmas approaches, sky gazers will be treated to a celestial wonder that hasn’t been seen so clearly since 1226 — a “Christmas star.” The rare phenomenon occurs when Jupiter and Saturn get very close to one another and
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School bus carrying teen athletes flips after being hit by speeding semi-truck, leaving 16 hurt: cops - 2 months ago
A semi-truck slammed into a school bus carrying student athletes in Indiana Saturday night, injuring 16 people — and sending one teen flying from the vehicle, authorities said. The driver, Victor Santos, 58, was “swerving into other lanes and driving at
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