Moderna is expected to request an emergency use authorization from the FDA for its coronavirus vaccine. But as millions of people return home from traveling for Thanksgiving, CDC officials warn "a surge upon a surge" is already on its way. CBS News
Published: 2020-11-30 12:09 pm
Health officials warn COVID-19 pandemic likely to get worse following holiday travel

Polar vortex to bring brutal cold and snow this weekend - 2 months ago
The coldest air of the winter season, by far, is on the way south from Canada.
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Eye Opener: Winter storm blasts the Northeast - 2 months ago
Millions of Americans brace for snow, fierce winds and treacherous conditions that could last for days. Also, Republicans are calling for President Biden to scale back his coronavirus relief package. All that and all that matters in today’s Eye Opener.
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Chef Steve Phelps on fish farming, creating a seafood oasis and sustainable food - 2 weeks ago
Born and raised near Cleveland, Steve Phelps moved to the west coast of Florida, where he has since created one of the most unique dining experiences in the nation while racking up honors along the way. Jeff Glor sat down with the chef who has one eye on
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Here's what to expect on Election Night - 5 months ago
It may be awhile before we know how some states voted, but "there is nothing scary going on, other than committed public servants working very hard," said one elections expert.
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