It's been one year since coronavirus symptoms were first detected in Wuhan, China. Ramy Inocencio takes a look at a city now recovered, but where unanswered questions remain.
Published: 2020-12-01 08:40 am
One year after coronavirus symptoms were first detected, CBS News returns to Wuhan

"I'm Tired Of You" - 3 weeks ago
Nelson Mulligo, a member of the Malawi Mouse Boys sings "Ndatopa Nawe," which translates to "I'm Tired Of You"
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Pope Francis addresses staff at the U.N. - 1 month ago
Ahead of the pope's address to the United Nations General Assembly, the pontiff spoke to staff who work there. CBS News foreign correspondent Allen Pizzey and CBS News papal consultant Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo joins CBSN with an analysis.
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Healing process begins after Scotland decides to stay - 2 months ago
The people of Scotland spurned their chance at independence from the United Kingdom, voting "no" to secession. Voter turnout was estimated to be 85 percent; the anti-secession voters won out by ten percentage points, 55 to 45. Mark Phillips reports on
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Trump urges Congress to pass stimulus after halting negotiations - 7 months ago
One day after calling off stimulus talks, President Trump wants Congress back at the bargaining table on a set of standalone bills. Nancy Cordes has the latest.
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