A scrapyard in the UK is offering catharsis by allowing people to take out their frustrations by destroying cars.
Published: 2020-12-03 11:16 am
Blow off steam by destroying cars at the 'Rage Yard'

Biden is about to send $1B more in food stamps to the 25M neediest Americans

www.cnn.com - 4 months ago
An estimated 25 million people will get a boost in their food stamp benefits starting this month, the Biden administration announced Thursday evening.
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This crucial industry is still a major threat to the recovery

www.cnn.com - 2 weeks ago
The travel and tourism sector is still struggling to get back on its feet more than a year into the coronavirus pandemic. That spells trouble for the economic recovery.
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New climate pledges 'far short' of meeting Paris Agreement goals, UN warns

www.cnn.com - 5 months ago
The planet is on "red alert" because governments are failing to meet their climate change goals, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said Friday.
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Thanks 'Tiger King.' Netflix added 16 million subscribers last month

www.cnn.com - 1 year ago
Netflix added a stunning 16 million subscribers last month as the coronavirus pandemic led people to stay at home and binge hit docuseries, such as"Tiger King,"and reality shows like"Love is Blind."
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