"Big hugs for the best collaboration ever!" the official Instagram page for "Teletubbies" commented on Cowan's post, using one of the characters' catchphrases.
Published: 2023-03-18 06:15 pm
Fashion collection paying homage to ‘Teletubbies’ includes wild $2,500 boots

The fashion world is getting a kick out of these boots.

Neon green knee-high boots that resemble Dipsy, a character from the children’s TV show “Teletubbies,” are being sold for $2,500.

The eclectic footwear was created by New York-based designer Christian Cowan, who is known for his celebrity clients including Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell and Beyoncé.

He recently posted a photo of the boots on his Instagram page, writing, “No caption necessary.”

In another post, Cowan explained the inspiration behind what he dubbed a “capsule collection,” featuring Teletubbie-themed items with hefty price tags.

A denim jacket emblazoned with Po, the red Teletubbie, retails for $595, while a hoodie featuring Laa-Laa, the yellow one, sells for $395. Purple character Tinky Winky, appears on $195 white T-shirt, while Dipsy can also be found on a pair of $495 wide-leg jeans.

The Dipsy boots retail for $2,500.
Courtesy of Christian Cowan/Mega

“We were throwing around lots of pop culture icons, and then it struck us, let’s do THE icons. We treated Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po & Tinkey-Winkey (sic) like the legends they are,” he said.

“Big hugs for the best collaboration ever!” the official Instagram page for “Teletubbies” commented on Cowan’s post, using one of the characters’ catchphrases.

Paris Hilton was among those salivating over the collection, with the fashionista writing, “Need!” under the post.

Dipsy is also featured on a $495 pair of jeans.
Courtesy of Christian Cowan/Mega

One user said this was “my ’90s baby fantasy” while another wrote it was “literally iconic.”

But it wasn’t all “big hugs” for the collab.

A few commenters wrote “WTF” while one snarked it was “too overpriced for this s–t.”

The line has been accused of sexualizing the children’s television show.
Courtesy of Christian Cowan/Mega

“Sexualizing kids’ cartoons is wild,” one hater wrote.

“Teletubbies” was a global smash during its original BBC run in 1997 to 2001, winning several BAFTAs and being nominated for two Daytime Emmys.

Merchandise sales also raked in more than $1 billion.

The show was rebooted in the UK and US in 2015, and the US version hit hit Netflix last year.

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