CNN's John King looks at the coronavirus numbers throughout the country after the US recently topped four million Covid-19 cases.
Published: 2020-07-26 08:58 am
How Covid-19 numbers are looking across the country

A new front opens in the affirmative action debate - 2 years ago
If considering students'race in college admissions is wrong, why is the normal practice of considering their parent's wealth or connections OK? The college cheating scam has opened a new front in the affirmative action debate.
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This single issue could decide how Western Pennsylvania votes - 7 months ago
In Western Pennsylvania, it's not hard to see why the fracking industry is central to the local economy. In parts of Washington County, just 30 miles west of Pittsburgh, the rolling hills are dotted with quaint, rustic farmhouses -- and fracking rigs.
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The head of Yale's massive endowment fund has died - 2 weeks ago
David Swensen, the long-time chief investment officer at Yale University and a legend in the world of college endowments, died Wednesday at the age of 67.
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BART rider may have carried measles - 7 years ago
Health officials are trying to get the word out that a University of California,...
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