Odds swing, favor Mac Jones over Justin Fields at No. 3

nationalpost.com - 32 minutes ago
Odds for the No. 3 pick of the 2021 NFL Draft are on the move again with Mac Jones and Justin Fields trading places once more. Read More...
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Brazil’s Bolsonaro, under U.S. pressure, vows climate neutrality by 2050

nationalpost.com - 30 minutes ago
BRASILIA -- Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday announced his most ambitious environmental goals yet, saying the country would reach emissions neutrality by 2050 in response to U.S. President Joe Biden's demands for stronger climate action. Read...
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Provinces want federal government to tighten travel restrictions, Quebec premier says

torontosun.com - 52 minutes ago
MONTREAL -- Some premiers are sending a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, urging him to tighten restrictions on land and air travel to prevent the entry of more novel coronavirus variants, Quebec's premier said Thursday. Read More...
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Bay City Rollers singer Les McKeown dead

torontosun.com - 43 minutes ago
Bay City Rollers star Les McKeown has died, aged 65. Read More...
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WOLSTAT: With Siakam and Anunoby surging, full-strength Raptors looking interesting

torontosun.com - 39 minutes ago
It felt really strange watching the Raptors play on Wednesday night against the Brooklyn Nets. They've been so depleted for so long, that seeing them at full strength just seemed bizarre. It made one wonder where they'd have been had they had a competent...
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Driver, vehicle sought after boy approached in Whitby

torontosun.com - 33 minutes ago
One of the child's parents saw the vehicle driving away. Read More...
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UK votes to declare that China is committing Genocide against Uyghurs

thepostmillennial.com - 39 minutes ago
The United Kingdom's Parliament has unanimously voted to declare that the Chinese regime is committing genocide against the Uyghur people. Unlike Canada, however, the British governing party chose not to abstain. Instead, they condemned the genocide in th...
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From the archives: The Famous Five fight for equal rights

calgaryherald.com - 59 minutes ago
Ninety-three years ago, the Famous Five were working towards finding equality for women on a number of fronts. In the below story, it's reported that equal rights experienced a setback when the Supreme Court of Canada ruled women weren't eligible for...
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There Ain't No Gold in Stumpy Bottom (new mix)

www.reddit.com - 31 minutes ago
submitted by /u/paleopsych [link] [comments]...
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More Americans are turning to solar energy to power their homes

www.cbsnews.com - 47 minutes ago
Solar tiles and panels are growing in popularity with homeowners as they become more affordable....
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Bonhams announces online auction acquisition, new Motoring Division chief

journal.classiccars.com - 30 minutes ago
Bonhams has made two major announcements regarding collector car auctions: the acquisition of an online auction platform and the new chairman of the company’s Motoring Division, replacing veteran James Knight who recently stepped down. The venerable Londo...
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Unilever’s chief marketer on lockdown, media reviews and running a sprawling in-house agency staffed by outsiders

adage.com - 34 minutes ago
Conny Braams talks about the challenges of leading global marketing through the pandemic....
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How To Grow Instagram Followers Organically (Infographic)

www.brafton.com - 7 hours ago
Should you buy Instagram followers? No. Organic follower growth is the best way to ensure you’re building a receptive and engaged audience. In this post, we’ll look at some proven techniques for organically gaining followers on the platform....
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Person Training Certification in Canada

www.reddit.com - 38 minutes ago
Hey! I’m just looking for anyone in Canada who has any guidance and or recommendations for getting certified in Canada and what the best course or method to do so is. Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/BrandonMercer_12 [link] [comments]...
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Gen 5 LT Intake Test: L83, L86 And MSD Intake Manifold Tests On Cammed 5.3, 6.2, And More!

bangshift.com - 9 hours ago
It’s on baby, the intake test you have been wanting and needing! Is the L83 intake the best LT intake made? Or is the L86 better? Or does the bad boy MSD intake blow them both away and take the title as the best of the best? Or does the application and th...
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Cross Country Road Trip In The World’s Largest Square Body. And Boats. Yep, More Boats.

bangshift.com - 4 hours ago
This is a great video from Mike Finnegan and David Newbern. Why? Well because the first two thirds of this video are everything you expect from classic Finnegan and Newbern as they get the World’s Largest Squarebody ready for a road trip all the way acros...
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SEC Squelches SPAC Boom

stockstotrade.com - 39 minutes ago
The SEC has cracked down on one of retail investors’ new favorite buys on Wall Street — SPACs — and the impact has been quick. New data from SPACInsider shows there have been just 10 SPAC IPOs in the month of April, down sharply from the breakneck pace...
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U.S. Issues More Than 115 'Do Not Travel' Advisories, Citing Risks From COVID-19

www.npr.org - 37 minutes ago
Just a week ago, only 33 countries were on the U.S. Do Not Travel list. New additions include Canada, Mexico, Germany, the U.K., and dozens of other countries. (Image credit: Francois Mori/AP)...
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What information do you need to write on the tape of a 16mm magazine as a Film Loader?

www.reddit.com - 41 minutes ago
Got my first 16mm job as a film loader coming up in a couple weeks, here's my understanding with a few questions if anyone could clear them up: NR / WR (What does this mean??) Length of roll (If it's a SE do you put the original length or the current...
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The Ups and Downs of Micro Influencer Marketing

neoreach.com - 33 minutes ago
Influencer marketing has seen a huge jump within the last 10 years with the rise in social media. There are so many different types of marketing that different influencers are participating in that you may not even notice as you scroll through the trendin...
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