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2ndLease - Rent Fridges, Washing Machines, Furniture and much more on subscription plans

Month to month appliance and furniture rentals. Free delivery and installation in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Short term and Flexible rental options.

Keith Lang said 2 years ago
I am currently renting a fridge from these guys. Incredibly helpful, great price, and fridge was immaculate. The team was flexible in delivery and selection which was really appreciated. It's also a great idea—too many fridges sit unused under houses, and lots of people need fridges for just holiday periods or other times! Highly recommend.
Eleanor Price said 2 years ago
My partner and I recently moved back from the UK. Basically we were starting from scratch regarding furniture we needed to set-up our home, but didn’t quite have the funds to buy everything straight away. We knew about 2nd Lease and so looked into how it could help us comfortably transition back into a comfortable Brisbane life, quickly. After comparing models, we opted to rent a clothes washing machine that had good reviews. The website and sign-up process was really easy to use and the support has been great. We were able to have the washing machine delivered within a couple of days and for no hassle. We’ve been using 2nd Lease now for over three months and would definitely recommend it.
Elizabeth Agboola said 2 years ago
This company has very poor customer service and delivery suppliers. They are slow to contact and are very reliant on you making contact to them to follow up on any queries. The delivery driver openly complained about having to travel to do a delivery and that he felt he should be paid more. I had to contact him numerous times to confirm a date for the delivery which he was still reluctant to do so and openly put down the company and customers for underpaying him. They talk down to customers and complain openly that they believe they should be paid higher fees for their services. They are also inconsistent in their polices with some customer service agents stating that cancellation and refund is possible whereas others stating it is not possible and the money must always be kept. They readily pass blame onto the customer, as their primary concern is their supplier relationships and gaining revenue wherever possible. Be wary about hidden extra costs and varying responses. They are not worth the trouble, if you can afford to do so, purchasing an appliance would be a better option than using their service. No doubt the extra reviews which are all "5 star" were made are from their own staff, but from an actual person, they cannot actually offer a worthwhile service.
Andy Smith said 2 years ago
Excellent service. Easy to use platform.The friendly staff were helpful in sorting out my order, really convenient and affordable service!
Miranda Sims said 2 years ago
Thanks 2ndLease for your prompt, efficient service. My fridge is perfect and I have been very happy with all my dealings with your team.

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