60 Ridgeway Ave, Southport QLD 4215, Australia

Foster Care Service, New Age Church, Retirement Home

1800 199 740


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Churches of Christ Care Golden Age Retirement Village

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Retirement villages Southport QLD | Churches of Christ Care - Golden Age Retirement Village

Interested in retiring in Southport QLD? - Churches of Christ Care offer a range of retirement options on the Gold Coast, including Golden Age Retirement Village in Southport

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Daniel Reynolds
It's a retirement community.
Tarsh V.
Alexandra Theoharis
Avery Macgregor
very nice staff :):):):)
Vicki von Eitzen
Where do I begin! My father lived there for 5 years (not my decision). He fell over once and fractured his kneecap and they did nothing. I took him to gold coast hospital 4 days later they did an x-ray and confirmed the fracture. The staff laughed about it when I brought my dad back and said it was his fault for not telling them. He had told them they just didn't care. My father died there March 2017 not one staff member offered their condolences for my loss. The only comment made was "Johnny had a lot of clothes". No one from golden age called me or wrote a letter and I wasn't even invited to the memorial service which was held yesterday. It is apparently too hard to ring me about it after all I was only his daughter! He was left for three weeks with a rash on his face and neck. No doctor was asked to look at it until I insisted. They all pretended they couldn't see the rash

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