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Serviced Apartments | Long & Short Stay Furnished Accommodation

Corporate Keys offers long & short stay serviced apartments throughout Australia. Larger than standard serviced apartments yet up to 40% cheaper. Book online.

Harvinder Singh said 2 years ago
Had dealt with Carla. She had wonderful personality and informative
John Ioannou said 3 years ago
I recently tried to organise a new set of keys for a third adult residing in an apartment I’m leasing from Corporate Keys - an adult who is listed on the lease and requires access to the building just as much as any other tenant. I am incredibly disappointed to learn that on top of the $140 a day I’m already paying to lease the property, I’m now being asked to pay an additional $242 for a new key. While I understand that the company needs to turn a profit, I’m lost for words at the fact that they can try to sell off a key fob, which I know for a fact only costs a few dollars as I’ve bought and used many in the past, for $140! Plus the $30 charge for a standard door key, something that I can have done for $6 at a local key-cutter (and then hand it over when we vacate the property). So that’s $170 and then there’s another fee of $72 just to action the request? Ridiculous. Absolutely shameful. After receiving this quote, because that’s what it is, I told Corporate Keys that I’d be posting their response for all to view, because what they are doing here is just plain greedy. There is absolutely no need to put hundreds of dollars on top of a service that should ultimately be included when we signed a lease for 3 adults. Hiding hundreds of dollars in fees in the fine print of their terms and conditions is their work-around, because hey, it’s my fault that three adults need three sets of keys. It’s just inappropriate and silly - if not an oversight then just greed. It’s as simple as that. Anyway, as promised, here is the response I received from their offices following my request for a new key: Good morning John, We have heard from the building manager in regards to getting an additional set of keys/swipe. · The request for additional keys will need to be sent to body corporate in writing · Fee of $72 to body corporate for them to action the request · $140 for the fob - this includes the programming and freight · $30 for the new key · Once ordered we should have it here in about 5-7 business days As per our T&C Corporate Keys will provide 1 key per adult guest not to exceed 2 keys per property. If you would like to order another set then we will need to invoice you for this set and have this paid so we can commence the process. Please advise via email if you wish us to do this. Regards Sasha Craig Guest Services Manager Instead of hiding behind their Terms and Conditions, forcing people to pay to simply get into the property that they’re already paying to use, it would be better if they acted just like any other landlord and provided their tenants with the keys they need to get inside without ripping them off in the process. It’s as simple as that - especially when it’s been specified that there are 3 adults on the lease.
Steven Finn said 4 years ago
Freshwater place was a great experience. The location is excellent and the gym and pool made it all great value for money. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs an extended stay in Melbourne.
julie hewson said 4 years ago
Apartment was in a great location. Photos on website were not of the apartment we leased but lay out was the same. If staying longer, more kitchen / cooking equipment would be needed. Response to emails and phone calls could be more timely when making enquiries / bookings. Sasha was terrific when we had an issue with the washing machine.
Michael Linden said 4 years ago
4 years with you guys has been without problem. All queries and issues handled in a quick and professional manner. On-site management by a third party has not been up to my expectations but any issues were always resolved by Corporate Keys. See you on the next adventure.

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