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Waldorf Sydney Central Serviced Apartments

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Serviced Apartments Sydney | Waldorf Sydney Central Apartments

Welcome to the official website of Waldorf Sydney Central Serviced Apartments. We offer a prime location close to Central Station in a modern accommodation.

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Suzanne Peschke
Myself, my husband and daughter stayed on the night of Saturday 2nd December, room was clean, spacious and enough room for us three. Found hairs on the toilet seat and sink, shower head not practicable, my main concern was the mould on the bedroom roof and it was a big area where the mould is, Walford you really need to look at the mould for people who have health issues!!! Also please remove from your website that you have a cafe because you definitely don't, we were told the cafe had not been opened for at least a year and a half that is false advertising
Tsang Calvin
We had quite a bad experience over our 8 nights staying at Waldorf. Firstly, room facilities such as air con vent, toliet ventilation, and kitchen ventilation aren't cleaned, we had to ask for the reception to clean the room. Secondly, one of the 2 lifts (lift number 1) available malfunctioned dropped while we were in it, so evertime we are forced to take lift number 2, still feeing worried for our safety while we were in it. However, I feel that I have to mention to do justice - Many mentioned in their reviews that the front desk wasnt friendly nor helpful. From my experience, they were the most helpful. Upon request for a non urgent cleaning and repairing of our room, she went above and beyond to ensure that our room would be fixed and cleaned right away and it certainly did.
Urus Gump
Dont be surprised if something was not working (broken). And dont be even more surprised if they did nothing about it.
Matt Stow
Free parking! Not the most modern, but clean, comfortable and quiet enough. Recommend
shirley schaapsmeerders
When we arrived at Waldorf Sydney central serviced apartment we were told we hadn't paid as my American express was declined. I have never had one and we had paid in cash. I showed the receipt but that wasn't good enough and had to pay again. Up in the apartment there was no bathroom plug. It took me 3 days to het one. Many things didn't work. No ventilation in the bathroom/washhouse which opened into the kitchen. There was mould everywhere especially on the ceiling. Only 1 of 4 rings sort of worked on the cook top and the 2 pots supplied were far too big to be used for 2 people. I killed several fleas and a cockroach while there. The room wasn't serviced in the week we were there so had to wash our own towels and take any rubbish to the skip downstairs ourselves. I had my jewellery stolen from my double zipped handbag on the bottom of my zipped case. There was not a lot of cooperation over this either. Stay well clear of this place. I'd like to post the photos we took but cannot see a way to do it

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