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Get incredible value for money at these spacious and well equipped serviced apartments in Sydney CBD with budget rates. No booking or credit card fees.

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Trevor Morgan
See review by an unknown person some 4 months ago. I was not going to respond on the Public domain hoping the Police would solve what could be regarded as a most strange event. Strange - very. First and most importantly no comment was placed in respect to the good value for money accommodation provided to this group of very hard to please and 'in your face' so called tourist. Their attitude was most different to the 99.9% of other tourist who visit us each year. Every part of our planet has different groups within it and I am proud to say the 99.9% mentioned above make for the .1% Without comment in any way I place the following statements forwarded which were questioned at the time by the authorities. 1) People who go out for lunch normally take their mobile phones with them? In particular, people who go on holidays with more IT equipment than a Moon rock may consider a mobile phone is mobile. 2) All the so called equipment was installed with a tracking system when purchased. 3) All the tracking system was turned off prior - why? 4) A 'lot' of jewelry - The people who find the need to travel with a 'lot' of jewelry would generally consider placing it in a safe. This vast quaintly of jewelry was never seen by any of the hotel staff during their stay, if so the guest would be encouraged to secure the items in a safe place. 5) Common sense would reveal to anyone at a Motel apartments would have thousands of finger prints over time. How stupid is the comment about the 'only finger prints'? 6) The keys provided are security keys and can not be copied. I hope one day the tracking system will reveal the true story to an insurance company and, with luck they will be in a position institute charges against someone for what actually occurred.
Amritanshu Pandey
Interior is comfortable, location is very convenient. Management is very supportive. Elevators are not extraordinary. Overall i love the convenience and comfort this place offers.
Bhavik Merchant
Great value for money but rooms are very old, including all equipment. Balcony looked liked it had never been cleaned in years, though the rest of the place was fine. The exception was the bedroom which had an old musty smell from one side. TV is setup really stupidly, with 2 satellite channels (fox sports, discovery) and only half the local channels - digital or analogue tuning wont pick up anything else due to the way they have it setup. Finally beware if getting a rear facing room - all the rooms and therefore balconies overlook an alleyway and are 10m away from an office building. No privacy at all since people can look straight at you and into the apartment unless you draw the curtains! Also, this side is extremely noisy, with garbage trucks and street sweeping vehicles coming through at late night and early morning (1m) almost daily. The location is really great though! Trevor the building manager is a wonderful helpful guy.
Cooper Stevenson
Not too bad of a place to stay. The central location and nearby shops, for food and groceries, is actually quite good. There are enough facilities in the room to get by: kitchen utensils; washing machine; etc. Some negatives would be that the hallways/elevators often reek of trash. The air-conditioning in the rooms is old, loud, and inefficient. All in all, it's good enough for a stay, and aside from general tidiness of the place, it's decent.
Azhar fazil
Nice Cheap place in the CBD area. Just walking distance to the touristic area. Public transport is just minute away.

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