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MIA Radiology

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Welcome to MIA Radiology - part of the I-MED Radiology Network

MIA Radiology is part of I-MED Radiology, Australia’s leading diagnostic imaging network. MIA services patients and practitioners throughout Melbourne.

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Ben Waywood
Wadud Reza
Very Bad Reception Service
Elestetica M
Hm these people are very ridiculous. The first time i attended this clinic was few weeks ago for my 20weeks ultrasound. I CLEARLY TOLD THAT GUY not to tell us the gender (BUT to write it on a piece of paper and fold it very well then give to us), coz we planed to do a gender reveal party with few friends and family members, after a few minutes he was like IM PRETTY SURE IT A ******. Omg my bf was so pissed, myself i nearly lost it in there. Then went there again after few weeks . My appointment was at 12:40 but they called me at 1:25. And i was wondering wht the point of booking an appointment if i will come and sit here for like 45min😡😡😡. I was really pissed, i wish there was 0 star option, i will never go back there again. Very disappointed🙅‍♀️
Ami5891 Kah
We were at Werribee mercy Mia radiology on Wednesday morning for our 8.20am appointment to do a 24 week pregnancy ultrasound, upon arrival I was asked for the referral which I had forgotten at home in the baby book they give during your antenatal visits. I was told immediately that they would not see me without the referral and I needed to reschedule. We drove 35mins from Caroline Springs and took time off work to be here so I said asserted my rights and said "'NO!' we will be seen and I will get the referral to you in 5mins by calling the antenatal clinic which is in the same hospital to fax it through." The woman at reception who had received me and told me we weren't going to have our ultrasound was very unhelpful and seemed not to want to be assisting us to problem solve such a minor issue of referral letter, I was defensive and my tone of voice toward her was sharp, I nonetheless spoke to her with respectful choice of words and she threatened to call security on a 24week pregnant woman because she didn't like the sharp tone she was being spoken in to. In the waiting room there is a plaque saying "MIA: Its about really listening to patients." Well the blonde hair coloured woman at reception who said she was the supervisor wasn't just not listening or being very unhelpful she was also insulting. I was here 4 weeks prior for an ultrasound and the woman who received me then was so lovely. I don't think the receptionist thought I was a woman in her 30s, because I have an extreme baby face she thought she might be able to push me around as it suits her, such as saying to the radiology staff "she doesn't want to leave" how insulting! A lady came out and said "we will take her in for her ultrasound." Of course I'm not going to leave when I arrived within my appointment time and drove 40mins with time off work before going back into work again and had an appointment booked for these results with the antenatal outpatients the following week. What a disgusting woman and a disgusting patient service experience. I did tell her that I work at an office/reception myself and that she was just appalling, her not liking the tone I spoke to her in was her problem as her rude unwillingness to listen, be patient and problem solve for second wasn't at the focus of her dealing with a tired sore and inconvenienced patient. I hope I never see her again but apparently she is a supervisor there.
Robert Hart
In 2010 I went to have test's for gallbladder . They discovered I had a tumour on my kidney (cancer) This lead the removal of my left kidney in early 2012 .In DEC 2016 I was told all clear. Their observation has saved my life. Grateful.

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