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If I could give no stars I would. No communication. Completely unprofessional. I ordered 30 chairs and 3 tables for engagement party. I ordered with plenty of notice and he sent me an invoice. He said we could pick up the day before party. We rung at the time he suggested the day before and he said he was stuck in Brisbane, could we come in the morning. We said yes but it was cutting it close being the day of. The next morning we gave him a call to see if we could pick up now and his phone was off! We tried multiple times to call but no answer. We also tried off my fiancee's number. A few hours later he finally rung back on my fiancee's number, only because he thought it was a new job!! My fiancee gave him an ear full. Lucky we have wonderful family and friends and everyone brought a picnic chair.
Sapphira Elisabeth Culleton
How does this business survive! I had my boyfriends birthday party/Christmas party in 6 weeks so I went onto this website to view the items for hire as this place was near me. I then called and placed an order over the phone. I was told I will receive an invoice and then I could put down the deposit or pay for it all. 2 weeks went by, no invoice, the guy said he had been busy. And on that went so I started turning up in person to pay so I could lock it all in. The guy was either laying on the ground or sitting down outside. Still no invoice, computer wasn't there or he said he'd been busy. Pay on pick up be said 3 days before the event. My boyfriend and his friend picked the equipment up for me and I turned up straight after to pay and pay the $100 bond. Got home to find I had been given all these ugly white chairs instead of the black ones I wanted and 2x 6 seater tables when I had ordered 2x 10seater tables. Rang the guy back up and asked why he mucked up my order. He said the stuff I ordered was at the back of his storage so he gave me what was closer instead... He said I can have another table free of charge but I couldn't do that as I had limited space! Sabotaged. I was super polite the whole way through this BS. This was the worst possible hire service ever. Im pretty sure the guy has taken a dump in his shop too, it smells of fresh faces! Even the hire equipment kinda smelled like it too. I returned it 3 days after hire as he arranged times to meet me at the shop and I would wait for half an hour and he would never turn up so I had to just leave it outside. He told me to text him my bank details so he could refund my bond. So this was December 19th, it has taken me till March 11th to get my damn bond back!! He said would do it, then I'd have to keep ringing back and then he said he had been in hospital. Probably self inflicted considering his hygiene is next level bad. Anyways this was not his money to keep for soo long, I am a full time self funding uni student who only works part time with not one family member in this country, I needed that money! He does not deserve business. Parties are supposed to be fun. Its all fun until Tunz of fun party ruins it. I should have got a full refund. Absolute SOB.

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