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Colonic Irrigation Adelaide | Hydrotherapy Bowel Cleanse

Our clinic provides an accredited colon hydrotherapy and cleanse service. Providing benefits for your well-being and health.

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Fiona Thomson
Colonics work, there is no doubt about that. I have tried to incorporate them as a part of my health regime and I encourage anyone with a health challenge to give colonics a try. Thank you Adelaide Colonic Health for creating such an amazing healing space. Very nurturing and a wonderful five star experience. Thanks Again! Fiona Thomson
Erin Eliza
My son was diagnosed with an impacted bowel at the age of 6; he is now 11 years old. I frequently witnessed my son in pain and living a diminished quality of life after years of severe constipation, I was at my wit’s end having already treated him with so many laxatives and enemas. The final straw was when my lovely boy said to me, “Mum, please take me to the hospital so the doctors can cut the poo out of me”. A Google search led me to call Adelaide Colonic Health; I was impressed by the likelihood of a beneficial outcome and subsequent relief my son would feel. Since the moment we arrived at the beautiful Norwood rooms, I have been grateful for the experience. The quality of treatment and service provided is outstanding! My son has restored vitality, not only has his impacted colon been cleansed, he has more energy, his skin is clearer and brighter and his stomach is no longer distended. Most of all, he’s no longer experiencing the pain associated with being severely constipated. In addition to the incredible results of the hydrotherapy and magnificent aftercare received, both my son and I leave the rooms feeling calm and at peace, thanks to the tranquil, ambient atmosphere. Our therapist has been a gem; she’s imparted health wisdom that has led us to incorporate daily, healthy lifestyle changes. Adelaide Colonic Health have healed and nurtured us as a whole, the sessions have been an incredible investment in my son’s health. This 5 star treatment will nourish your body, mind and soul.
Christopher Edward
It doesn't matter how healthy you eat when the inside of your body is in the state of a garbage dump. Never having had a colonic before, it was horrifying to see what came out of me. We don't know, or don't want to know how unhealthy we really are until we're surprised by some disease or sickness. For those first timers out there, the colonic irrigates the intestinal tract and flushes out all the bile/stones/parasites etc which are inside our bodies. What you do is stick a thin plastic tube inside the rectum (this part doesn't hurt). I didn't realise the thing was in until the water was turned on when my stomach immediately turned. You don't feel the water actually going in, you just immediately have to poo. The whole thing lasts about 40 mins. The stomach for me were intense at times. It usually comes in waves of discomfort and release. I passed at least 100 stones in my first 3 sessions. The 3rd was a lot easier than the first 2 and I felt a calmness and clarity afterwards. I'm very grateful to have found Adelaide Colonic Health. You don't want to cheap out when getting this treatment; you want everything to be right in the space. The place is set up to give you the space to go through whatever the colonic has in store for your body. It's clean, relaxing and afterwards you get 2 delicious drinks, which is great to look forward to. What I value above all is that Lilly has a genuine concern and interest for her client's well-being, which is something that I cannot say about most medical practitioners I have been to. Highly recommended.
Wally Faris
I visit Adelaide Colonic Health regularly to stay healthy and stress-free in this busy life. They have a wonderful, clean and professional service and always make me feel very welcome. I have visited many similar clinics and this one is by far the best in every way. Highly recommended!!
krasniqi brown
Excellent Quality of care , wonderful environment such a great and relaxing experience. Excellent customer service . It was such a wonderful and very positive life changing experience . I'm definitely coming back 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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