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Bill Liu
Worst delivery agency with worst customer service ever. I was at the delivery address all day on the delivery date, didn't hear any knock on the door, nor rang on the bell. By the end of the day the online tracking system says it's been delivered. They acclaimed that the parcel has been left at my front door, but I checked everywhere around the place just couldn't find anything. So the parcel is pretty much missing, and they seemed don't feel like it's their responsibility to do anything about the matter. Won't even provide proof of deliver (i.e. the photo proof of the delivery when they left the parcel on the front door, which every other delivery company would normally do). Unfortunately, I have another parcel coming with them, so I tried to contact them and see if we can avoid the same mistake happening again like the previous one. The customer service lady was not helpful at all, was been rude and arrogant, kept cutting me off while i was talking, kept saying she helped me enough meanwhile gave me wrong information and told me the 2nd parcel havn't even been left the custom yet. (Only from my end, their online tracking page indicates the parcel is onboard with the driver for delivery.) After 5 mins trying to talk sense to her, they finally realised that was the outdated information that there were some communication issue with their systems. Then they refused to do anything about the 2nd delivery to prevent the parcel missing again. They said they are not obligate to call, or knock, or ring the door bell when they deliver the parcel. What a joke, fine, if your driver won't do the job properly, then how about I drive up to your depot and pick up the parcel myself? That's been refused as well. As I'm typing this review now, I have one parcel missing, and another one could face the same fate since FDM customer service fused to help to make it right. I'll update Avoid this company at all cost. They should be ashamed. When a problem arises, all they could do is to shovel the problem to the customer, seriously, I'm wondering if their slogan just "there's nothing we can do". They don't have one bit of attitude to even try to help. Edit: I got my second parcel alright, it got left at the front door. First parcel is still missing. I doubt it'll ever show up.
Youniquely Nell
Shocking customer service, take forever to deliver a package that it says is in their warehouse and wont give any info when you call. Leave packages in unsecured viable areas when no one home.... worst courier company ever
jayson kruiser
Hate this Company, they have had my goods for over seven days and all i get is contact the supplier, Damn you i want my good. Honestly These Bozo's are the total idiots .Wouldn't even give them a star if it wasn't having to, to complete this revue. IF YOU CAN STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOB
Andrea brindle
My parcel tracking stops at 21st December( in their warehouse) now 10/1 and no parcel. This company cannot find my parcel in their warehouse. Judging by the other similar reviews maybe they should be watching a bit more of what happens in the warehouse!!! This had been a bit drama! Never be dealing with these guys again. Doesn’t even deserve 1 star
Lachlan owens
Love FDM. I get excited when I see the company I order from gets their goods delivered with FDM as I know it'll be a swift delivery every time. My delivery guy always leaves the parcels in a safe spot and I love that the tracking is simple and straight forward and always up to date with where the parcel is. Keep up the great work guys!

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