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Stones Oysters

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Hans Lui
Reasonably priced for quality Sydney rock oysters. Paid $15 per dozen as at October 2017.
Matt Newhouse
Food was good but pretty exspensive.
Peter Davison
One terrible experience on 18/2/2017 - terrible prawns! Felt and tasted like they had been frozen for far too long, or thawed, and refrozen. Had that real tainted taste. Have a hide to sell a product like this saying it is "fresh". Especially at $35 per kilo. DISGUSTING!!
mark o'neill
My brother and I spotted this place while out driving , so we decided to stop and buy some oysters, as they had 'Oysters for sale' sign outside. We purchased 3 dozen, @ 13 dollars a dozen. We were a little surprised that they were selling them as the there had been a lot of rain in the previous month, but we thought if they are selling them they must be ok. Our suspicions were confirmed when we opened the oysters , as there was almost nothing inside. A bit disappointed we decided to take them back the next day.. When we got there and explained the situation, we were met with a response that was neither apologetic or interested. To sum it up basically what we were told was ' yes that's right there had been too much rain and had affected the oysters, but were still selling them anyway. So tough luck.' The fact that we'd parted with 40 dollars for nothing, plus money for fuel to return the oysters, just didn't seem to register. However we stood our ground and they reluctantly returned the money. No apology.. Bad place , bad attitude. Not recommended. .
The fresh prawns from here were possibly the best i have EVER tasted !!!!! (we didnt grab any oysters so cant comment there !)

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