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Cold Laser Pain Relief

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Christine Arnold
I had hoped that the Cold Laser Pain Relief treatment would have been the "Holy Grail" that I had been looking for to relieve the pain I suffer with Fibromyalgia but sadly it has not worked for me, it is yet another treatment that I have tried to get some relief but it only gets worse. Over the last 10 to 20 years I have tried so many Doctors/Specialist's/ Naturopah's and consumed a truck load of pills and powders nothing has worked it controls our life as my husband suffers this with me. I hope the Laser treatment works for others because I spared no expense or time restraint on trying to get it to work for me. Yours Truly Chris tine Arnold
Phill Bartley
claimed they could cure Parkinsons in 3 months, but set me back years!!!it's a sham
Sharon Lehmann
I was one of the first patients at the clinic when it first opened after suffering with weekly debilitating migraines. After many years of taking a tone of medication, I am free from all of this and now work as a therapist at the clinic....freedom from migraines has changed my life and it's a pleasure to be helping others.
Christopher Lacey
In the middle of 2015 I was able to come off all my Parkinson's Disease PD) medication and have not needed any since. I achieved this outcome by being able to effectively understand and apply what I learned from first reading Dr Norman Doidge's book "The brain that changes itself" and in the latter stages, his second book "The brain's way of healing". Within about six months of beating Parkinson's I became increasingly aware of chronic health conditions that my brain had blocked from my consciousness while it was dealing with the PD. After meeting Dr Doidge in the first half of 2016 I attended the Cold Laser Pain Relief Clinic in the hope of dealing with a chronic degenerative, painful condition in my neck and a mental fog that seemed to go hand in hand with it. It was Dr Doidge himself who recommended the Clinic to me. Scans showed significant inflammation of my neck and head region. After an intense three weeks of daily treatments the inflammation had diminished remarkably. I continued light treatment on return to my home in Tasmania and made use of a home-made red/near-infra-red sauna I set up in the bathroom. Within a few months I was completely free of pain and, as far as I am aware, the inflammation as well; I was left with remarkable flexibility in the shoulder and neck area that I had not been able to achieve since the onset of Parkinson's. I remain free of the the neck pain and free of any evidence of PD having been off all medication for more than two years. I was recently declared in writing by my Neurologist to have RECOVERED from PD. While the cold laser therapy did not free me from my Parkinson's it was instrumental in continuing my journey towards a health status free of all evidence of the chronic ill-health that had plagued me for decades. Thank you to Mark, Sharon and the team at Cold Laser Pain Relief.
Rebecca Gagliardi
I am so grateful for this incredible clinic! I have benefited so much from cold laser treatment and found the staff to be extremely professional, friendly and caring. I would highly recommend anyone with a chronic pain condition to book treatment with them. It is worth it! Keep up the amazing work and thanks for your ongoing support and care Cold Laser Pain Relief team!

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