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brett spears
Bought 2 wicker sun lounges 6 years ago. They've spent the majority of their life outside under the elements with no shelter. Apart from the cushion covers needing some love, the wicker is in tact, the frames remain strong. Quite honestly the comfiest seats, we've got out in the yard. Great for the afternoon siesta when the suns out. Strongly recommend for the price.
Ryan C
Utterly Dissapointing! I'd like to share my experience with Living Vogue as a cautionary tale for anyone considering purchasing from them. We'd been looking at the Tatoka Suite for over a year, waiting for a price drop. After keeping an eye on their website we chanced upon a sale price of $2200, which we were more than happy to pay. We went into their retail shop, only to be told that that price is not available, that we'd have to pay $3500 instead. So I went home and thought I'd have a look at their website to see if I was mistaken. There it was advertised online for $2200. I paid for the item on my credit card and felt pretty happy to do so. Next day I received a call from Emily to advise that there will be a delay on this lounge and I'll need to wait till September. I was happy to wait the 3 months and told her this. No problems so far. Come September, I hadn't heard anything so called and asked for an update. I was told they'll need to speak to James (owner) and I'll receive a callback to let me know what's happening. No one called back. I ended up having to call them on 3 separate occasions before anyone even called me back. At this point Emily called me back to advise that due to an issue with the factory, they are no longer able to sell me the Tatoka suite. I was given the option of a different suite (not interested) or a refund. After discussing with my partner I requested a refund. It took me 5 separate phone calls over a period of 2 weeks to get my money back... always being offered some sort of excuse and always being promised that James would take care of it...very very frustrating and stressful. Here's the thing, the Tatoka suite is still being sold on their website. They either LIED to me, or they are still selling products on their website that they have no intention of fulfilling. Happy to take my money elsewhere. Wish I read and heeded previous reviews about this company. PS - Thanks Emily for your help, this is in no way a reflection on you. PPS - James, you probably need to get out of this business while you can. Burning/Lying to your customers is not going to work out well for you.
Stuart Pix
The furniture faded after 2 weeks. The table we ordered didn't arrive after 9 months of waiting. I went to meet with the owner "James" and he was completely oblivious to what was happening to my order even though I had spoken to him on 10 occasions. His only excuse was that he had had a "heavy night". Never calls back. After being persistent James finally changed the covers on the furniture. The zippers on 1/4 of them broke when we tried to put them on.
amalia renwick
INFERIOR product, spent over $4000 on the white " marine grade" leather outdoor lounge. within the week, the lounge was faded and stained. Contacted distributor who told me that as it was close to a tree, they would not accept a return. No communication from Emily, Living VOGUE ADelaide. Was told to clean at my own expense. Byers be ware of this unprofessional company selling cheap, inferior products. Currently lodging a claim with he small claims court of Sydney.
kevin leahy
An extra star was given due to Kim, I bought the devane , beautiful pieces of furniture.

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