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Megatop Cargo PTY Ltd.

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Megatop Cargo is a dodgy cargo service in Sydney area. Their main pray are unsuspecting international students who are looking for cheap excess baggage service at the end of their study in Australia. On their official website, Megatop cargo shows only AUD 1 per KG shipping charge to most of the overseas destinations with a condition "Surcharge may apply at destination". Megatop Cargo never tells the client how much this surcharge can be and most of the international students don't realize this trick. In reality, this surcharge can go up to AUD2000. I took their service to send my excess baggage to Singapore. In Australia, I paid around AUD 100 to Megatop, but in Singapore I need to pay SGD800 (equivalent to AUD700 at that time) again to clear my goods. I suggest everyone to stay away from this cheat!
john cosco
My uni friends have used this company to return there stuff back to the USA and also China/Asia. I decided to call them and they offer me a Uni Student deal and also they pick up the goods. They help me decide on whether to send my stuff by plane or by sea. All in all I was happy with the service because I did not understand what I needed to do and the girls help me - thanks. They also called my mum in L.A. when my stuff arrived by plane. thanks guys!!!
Chris Haddad
Needed to export milk powder urgently and the lady that helped me was great. I think her name was Anna or Amanda, not too sure but very happy with the service.
Matt Veljanovski
These guys are excellent. They helped me organise my first shipment for my business and the originally daunting process became a big relief with the expertise & assistance of the team there. They organised for my goods to be collected, shipped & delivered to my door step efficiently & as quick as international trade & customs would allow it. Mick, Ken & the rest of the team there were very receptive to any questions I had and were always happy to take a call, even at the most stressful times. Happy to say that because of these guys, my business is up and running a lot quicker than I had expected it to be. They will definitely be my preferred freight forwarder for all future shipments but I highly recommend anybody looking to import or export personal goods or business products to contact these guys. Highly affordable, plenty of experience, very professional & always a pleasure to speak too.

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