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Success in Sunshine Coast Business Sales is Verified | Verified Businesses - Business Brokers Sunshine Coast

Businesses for Sale Sunshine Coast, the no. 1 business broker on the coast. Over 19 years experience with a proven track record in business sales.

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RB Forex Coach
This business does not pay brokers new to the industry a retainer as required by the law. The AIBB ignores their failure to pay me for six weeks after I responded to a SEEK ad for a business broker. Illegal and immoral standards have been allowed to persist for a long time. I was just one of a long line of brokers who were not compensated. The new and current owner, Craig Campbell was employed in the business under David Bentley for 8 years and was well aware of the practice. Unacceptable, un Australian, deceptive conduct and stealing the time and effort of others. No authority is governing this industry. I am owed $4000 for my services and they have behaved dishonestly and unprofessionally while professing to be the opposite. I saw some disgraceful attitudes and behavior under David Bentley which I would happily share with any broker or client considering investing time, money or trust in this business. As the previous owner employed me as a business broker and then denied this, claiming I was employed as a telemarketing an invoice for $4300 remains unpaid at October 2106. As a marketing profesional I don't provide my services free of charge to any employer who behaves unethically. As the liabilities of this business were bought by Craig Campbell in the recent sale I look forward to the payment of my invoice which was sent in 2015. This review will remain here and updated on a regular basis until it is.
Just Comfort Shoes
In my dealings with Verified Businesses I have found them to be professional, efficient and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to buying and selling businesses on the Sunshine Coast. The brokers have a proven track record that speaks for itself and are friendly and not pushy at all. I really felt that they had my business's best interests in mind. I would highly recommend Verified Businesses to any one looking to successfully sell or buy a business on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.
Balkar Singh -Malhi
James Brecknell
From my interactions with Verified Businesses, I've found the staff to be a great bunch of friendly, generous, helpful and welcoming people who also have a great sense of humour. The front counter staffing is excellent - courteous and efficient, and the brokers have a good deal of experience and really know what they're talking about. Would definitely recommend doing business with these people.

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