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Darcy Jarman | Commercial Real Estate

Darcy Jarman is in the business of creating wealth for our clients through investment in commercial and residential real estate.

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Daniel Badov
Agents are controlling the rents of all small business going around. No wonder small businesses don't last more then a year these days and there's so many places for lease. Darcy Jarman are just one of them. Completely taking advantage of new business owners knowing they wont last. Definitely cannot reccommend Darcy or anyone.
Caitlyn Menzel
I am really disappointed with my entire Darcy Jarman experience. I signed a Heads of Agreement, and a paid 2 month advanced deposit for the commercial property at 75 High Street in Belmont, over 18 months ago. With the expected completion date of May 2016. I was so excited to relocate my business!! My initial correspondence was with Sarah. Getting any sort of response was virtually impossible, and I literally felt like they took my money like I was a number, and then ignored me. I spent well over a year requesting and calling and leaving messages, to simply get floor plans so that I could prepare my trades and fit out, to be completely ignored. At one point my assistant and I left over 6 messages, I sent emails, and even left messages with their receptionist to again, be ignored. The excuse when someone did finally respond to me was "they haven't given us floor plans yet, we are meeting with the landlord early next week", every time, they were meeting with the landlord 'early next week', and some how, he didn't have plans, even though the building was in the process of being constructed, a strange lie to say the least, as I am sure construction workers and trades can't build a property without plans. I was never ever followed up with, I was always the one having to do the chasing. I understand people are busy, so am I, and so are my employees, but all of us seem to manage to do our jobs properly! Well, after 18 months of being ignored, I sent a very strongly worded email, expressing my disappointment in not only the serious lack of customer service, but also the concern for the poor organisation of both companies, my landlord, and Darcy Jarman, directly to the directors of Darcy Jarman. FINALLY, after the email to the owners, I got a call back (in May), from Simon, who explained to me in detail, that the landlord no longer wanted to lease to a number of tenants, and wanted to lease the entire building to one large company. Where did I stand? Well, I was left with no choice, except to surrender to the fact I was not able to lease this property. I requested my deposit back, plus the interest that I would've gained for the 18 months that they had held my money. A more than frustrating tale of events, as I had put my trust, and my belief into a company that completely let me down, were dishonest, and ignored me. I had also missed out on a number of other properties, as my trust and money were tied up with Darcy Jarman. I did get my deposit back, without the interest accrued. Simon said he would get in touch with the landlord regarding the interest, and would respond to me in due time, I didn't hear back in May, so I contacted him on the 2nd June, still no response. I contacted Simon again on the 18th July, six weeks later again, still no response. The funny thing about the whole situation is, they knew full well in January, the intentions of the landlord, as they had told other people such. But the only reason they decided to inform the committed tenant, was after a formal complaint in May. Disgraceful.
Robert Pytellek
Just useless
Bianca Jones
Dont even bother going here. Never seen such arrogant people in my life! They just want to take your money. They dont care about you here. Highly do not recommend!
Nardo De Amicis
I have dealt with both Simon and Tim and both have been very professional, I highly recommend this company

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