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Sam Jones
I DO NOT RECOMMEND DEALING WITH THIS AGENCY! I have called the reps all together 15 times over the last 3 weeks, called the office and have left voice mails. I am looking to rent a warehouse for my expanding business in Canning Vale. I feel sorry for the poor owners of the commercial properties as they have warehouses sitting vacant paying monthly repayments etc. I am a prospective tenant who is willing to pay top $ for the right warehouse and this company MLV just cannot get back to me... CALL YOUR POTENTIAL TENANTS BACK!!!!!
Simone Collins
I ceased commercial tenancy with MLV at the end of March 2017. It is nearly September 2017, and they are (a) refusing to issue me with a refund from the final reconciliation, even though they have sent me invoices which very clearly show that they owe me $1,382.06 (which is now 120 days past due), and (b) they are STILL sending me the invoices for the council rates and water rates on the unit I no longer lease. I have been trying to get this sorted out for months - I have made 6 phone calls in the past 2 months and sent numerous emails going over and over the same things, and they just aren't interested. The property manager I liaised with as a tenant with is no longer there, and the new one looking after that vacant unit seems unwilling to look up the information in their own accounting system. They keep telling me the invoices issue has been sorted, but they keep being sent out. And they keep telling me they have no evidence that they owe me any money, despite the physical evidence I have of 4 invoices they have sent me that show it! I've even sent back to them the invoices to show that their accounting system shows they owe me the money, and it is 120 days past due. I am now having to get a solicitor involved as this has gotten beyond a joke.
Karen Falconer
A really unorganised agency to deal with. Would not lease from them in the future - after multiple phone calls and emails am still waiting for my bond to be returned

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