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Credit Repair Experts | Bad Credit Restoration Services Australia

Repairing or leaving bad credit behind can open so many doors, start today fixing your finances today with the professionals at Real Credit Repairers

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Jim Dion
In a space where so many other companies try and rip you off I found Real Credit to be quite the exception. Dennis was wonderful to deal with and my issue was resolved quickly with Dennis' help. I can't recommend them enough.
Xandi Pascua
Excellent company for getting your defaults removed! It's great how they have a no win no fee policy because then you would know that they are confident and determined to help you get your default removed. I would totally recommend this to my family members and friends across Australia. Real Credit Repairer's investigation team is very kind and and they all work efficiently there. Good job and keep it up
Marija Mladenovic
As Mortgage and Finance broker I recommend this honest people to all my client with credit problems. Dennis and the team are doing great job and together we made our customers happy.
Princess Flippa
I contacted Real Credit Repairers at a very stressful time in my life, I had been defaulted by a company which I felt was unjust and had no idea it had happened until I needed to gain credit quickly (which was refused). From the beginning Dennis was friendly, informative and helped me to understand the process, he was quick to respond to all my queries even while at a standstill waiting for responses from the company in question. Dennis rang me to say that the default had been removed and I cannot express the relief. I would recommend this company to anyone in my situation. Thank you so much Dennis and Real Credit Repairers!!!
Hugo Hartles
I had a optus default and nobody could help and we could not get a house loan spoke to the team at real credit repairs and they had this off my file in 12 days flat great price and people.

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