244 Pacific Hwy, Charlestown NSW 2290, Australia

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Daniel Svozil
Best cinemas I have been to in Australia. Great selection of food, drinks and snacks at the candy bar, excellent reclining leather seats big enough for anyone under 6 ft 6" (195 cm) and cheap for what they are - tickets are usually around $12.
Anthony Blyth
Great cinema. Comfortable seating and well priced. As good if not better than the others...without having to go into a shopping centre
Matt Holmes
Edited rating: Came here to watch Deadpool 2. While we were waiting for the theatre to open up, we sat and watched two staff members stand in the same spot sweeping the same patch of floor for a good 10 minutes. Come to find out the cinema we were all meant to be going in had yet to be cleaned, and as a result was holding everything up.
Nicholas Caves
Can't beat 13 bucks for a recliner seat which is more comfortable than Reading Cinemas Gold Class. I'm sure they have a cheap day too. And they have time crisis 4 in the foyer! Except player 2's gun is broken - hence my 4 star rating. Food is really expensive, but no one's ever questioned me bringing in my own tasty treats (what teenager working in a theatre wants confrontation anyway?).
Shane Peterson
very clean and family friendly cinema. includes a great snack bar and an eagle boys pizza outlet in the main foyer. often has a small but fairly decent selection of arcade machines available as well. great ticket prices and often little to no crowd unless a movie has premiered. staff are always friendly and inviting.

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