20 First St, Katherine NT 0850, Australia

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Katherine Cinema 3

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Stephen Jay
One of the better cinemas in a regional town in Australia, with friendly staff and a very relaxed environment. Chairs starting to show their age but wider then other chairs of some cinemas even in the cities with ample leg room, large clear screens. Biggest issue is sitting up the back on the sides suffers from to much light leaking in from the back corridor, can sometimes catch the corner of your eyes. So recommend sitting a few rows forward or in the centre seating areas.
Jake Thompson
It's not cheap and the seats haven't been upgraded in a long time but the atmosphere is good and the staff are always friendly. They have a range of confectionary and ice cream including drinks.
Sarka Hiekova
Easily the worst cinema in the world. Filthy and rude staff. 3 weeks old program on the website. Total lack of any business sense. I have experienced staff to vacuum the floor in middle of the movie, 2x, leaving the lights on for first 15 minutes, sound so loud that it was way beyond safe level, air conditioning set on freezing during the coldest day of the year, no popcorn ready before the most popular movie ( we were one of first people, so they didn't run out, it just wasn't available) nothing else than coke available for movie aimed for the youngest kids. This cinema is on nice place and could be packed, but it needs better management.
Dr Zoidberg
Would love some discounts
Colin Berry
The place needs a revamp Perhaps movie marathons like they do in Darwin More imaginative displays or perhaps colouring in competitions for children, like that happened years ago But at least,, Katherine still has a cinema

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