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Kay Dejong
Sometimes l find these ladies good but there is one that had a burn on her arm and shes sloppy and hurts your fingers and really dosent give a s.... the other girls been ok.
Jenine kerr
These girls are so incredibly rude. Constantly on their phones or talking between themselves in Vietnamese. Had my finger nicked today, didnt even apologise. I would love to know if they steralise their equipment. Not happy customer.
debby dickinson
DON'T get your nails done here!!!!!. They don't listen to you. I asked for SNS on my nails, she told me Yes $45 take a seat. Then when I sat down she said, I'll think tips would be better, I said NO just SNS on my nail top (my natural nails were well past the end of my fingers). She started removing the SNS that was already on my nails, she then cut 2 of my nails right back, before I pulled my hand back and stopped her.. I said no SNS on my nails. She said too bad too late now, me do tips, that's $65. So disappointed!!! The shape of the nails are terrible I asked for oval, theses are just all kinds of shapes. The white tips are off center.. NEVER EVER AGAIN. Left in tears. They don't listen, too busy talking on mobile or to each other, speaking rudely about customers and other people (some people don't just speak English 😉 ..) They don't care about customer, just the money.
Carrie Turnbull
Expensive rude. Eftpos not working what a surprise. Then they tried to charge me two different prices! I won’t go back these guys guys are a rip off!
Charlie Still
My Friend and I went in for a manicure and a pedicure each. We left very unhappy with the experience. The staff used a drill on my natural nails and within 24 hours all of my nails had broken. The staff showed no care for the comfort of the customer and seemed to only care about how fast the job could be done in. My friend was in pain throughout her pedicure, but the staff did not stop to see if she was okay. The finished result of both our hands and our feet was not what is expected from a spa treatment that was discribed in the services menu. I will be stearing anyone that’s asks me about this salon well clear and I most defiantly will not be returning.

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