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Fin Ubels
After their recent move to having recliner chairs, Hoyts is my only destination for a cinema outing. It is quite frankly just so much easier to enjoy a movie when you have space to lie down or spread out a bit. Also with their online booking you can book in advance and just rock up with the tickets on your phone, although as far as I know all cinemas in the area have that. One of their only downsides is the food and drinks there are absolutely over priced, like any other cinema, but you can generally get away with bringing your own if it's in a bag at the time of writing. The other downside is since getting their recliners, about 1/10 sittings I have had broken arm rests, which seem terribly attached so they can just fall out. But that's generally a non issue, just wished the seats were better looked after.
Darcy Molyneux
Reclining seats. That's basically all you need to know. Good cinema with usual smatterings of snack food and drink options. Reclining comfortable seating makes it one of the best in Canberra for your viewing pleasure.
Always a best choice for watching a movie, specially I am Chinese, the one cinema you can watch Chinese movie.
Clare Newman
I love Hoyts these days. Efficient and comfortable. Food and drink delivered to your seat and an incredible Extreme Screen experience
Anthony Smith
Bought tickets online only to arrive at the cinema and find one of the seats totally unusable. The staff were quite unhelpful and tried to seat me and my wife apart but we instead asked for a refund of which I am still waiting for it to appear on my credit card. Can't believe they don't check the seats to see if they are safe for people to use

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