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Laura Travis
Charging $16.50 for a movie, I would hope at least the seats to be clean and maybe reasonably priced drinks and food. No such luck. Also being a country town you take a risk of rowdy talkative patrons.
Love it even though its a pit to expensive I still have a great experience
David Cumming
Friendly staff and good candy bar (kiosk) combo deals - could use some better "family ticket" prices
Peter Woodhead
Lots of comfortable seats, 5 big screens, great sound in every seat. Staff are kind and the cinema has an Arcade room, and multiple game machines near the doors. Food is cheap and quickly made. 10/10
Julie Urquhart
Love going to the movie at Metro Cinema everyone knows who's I am and they are a good team of people who know what they are going good luck with everything you do Julie

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