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Dave Chicora said 1 year ago
Horrible service from auburn. Every single time I have something coming from FedEx, there is a problem. One time I took off work to get my package because it was listed to be delivered that day. The app said on truck and out for delivery and I watched the driver deliver to my neighbor and then he drove right by my house and then the status in the app said the package is going to be held for pickup even though I made no changes. Another time, I requested a package be held so I could pick it up and the app said it was at auburn so the next day I was gonna pick it up and the app said it was at a different facility now 250 miles away near Pittsburgh. Had to wait an extra week to get my package. Another time, my package was listed as customer not available for delivery even though I was home waiting for it all day. Not sure what the problem is.
Bernie Marquardt said 1 year ago
FedEx is a joke. Delivery driver three package from street at front of house approximately 25 feet with an electronic inside. Delivery instructions were given on their own app to deliver to back door. Called and talk to the supposed site manager. His best thing to do was call the company from where it was purchased and have them send a replacement again. This would be the 3rd time since the first 2 arrived damaged. This is due to the fact that they aren't FedEx employees they are sub contractors. Ridiculous and uncalled for. Gave no other type of resolution options for this problem and since they are not employees of FedEx there is nothing he can do except talk to the drivers boss. Will not be ordering from any company that uses FedEx for their delivery service and will refuse any package sent via FedEx.
Daniel Amoh said 2 years ago
I wish I had read the reviews here before trusting FedEx to ship this very important package of mine. I waited all day for a package to be delivered to me only to have the status changed around noon that I wasn't at home/ business closed even though I had been sitting in front of my apartment all day. The guy NEVER showed up! If I knew they were so lazy to deliver the package, I would've even scheduled a pickup from a nearby office. I'm really disappointed in FedEx.
TK said 1 year ago
They appear to look for any excuse not to attempt delivery. Often marking packages as delivery attempted on shipments sent without anykind of special instruction or sig confirmation. Their drivers seem to be just plain lazy.
Peter Georgies said 1 year ago
They always leave the packages on the sidewalk in front of house, never at the door. Cant believe nothings been stolen yet -follow up: after I signed up as a customer and filled out additional drop off information and made a phone call, there havent been any issues with dropping off packages in the correct location